Holy spring of St Nicholas

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    From times out of mind there is a spring in the village. In the second half of the 70s. the spring was declared a monument to nature by the All-Rissian Society for Nature Conservation. Its origin was possible due to the unique geological structure of the terrain. Underneath there is possibly a large lake at about 70 meters depth, covered with a stone plate, and the fracture of this slab gave birth to a powerful spring that once came to the surface. And that is how the huge well with diameter of a few dozen meters with spring water was formed. The spring is so intensive that water resources were sufficient to force its energies to make collective mill wool mill in the mid-1950s work. The spring water has unique composition, it almost has no salts and crystal clear. But the most important thing is that it has great healing power. There are a lot of evidence saying that it heals not only body, but the soul as well. The remarkable power of the spring, its uniqueness were the driving force for the construction of the font in 2005. The spring is consecrated in honor of Holy Nickolay, because of a wonderful coincidence: the constructing ended in the day of his memory.
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    Naryshkino, Tyoplo-Ogaryovsky District, Tula Region
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Naryshkino, Tyoplo-Ogaryovsky District, Tula Region

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