The temple in honor of icon of Mother of God "Joy of All who sorrow"

The temple in honor of icon of Mother of God "Joy of All who sorrow" фото 1

Miracles on Tula land are not rare. Thus, the construction of the church in honor of the Icon "Joy of All Who Mourn" has its own miraculous origin.

Shchekino is a fairly young city. It was built in the 30s of the 20th century next to a large chemical enterprise. From the very beginning, even in the photo, one could hardly find a single church Here because, in a socialist state, the priority was to implement the plan.

However, in the 90s, the future Father Superior of the Church, Nikolai, who lived in Novomoskovsk, had a dream. He was visited by the Mother of God! She showed Nikolai where to build the church of the Icon "Joy of All Who Mourn."

In Soviet times, there was a fire station and before that, a bakery. But why here, then? The fact is that there was a spring in this place before the revolution, the water from which made the bread produced in Krapivna extremely delicious.

Father Nikolai was suddenly summoned by the Metropolitan of Tula and Belyov and told that it was necessary to build a Church of "Joy of All Who Mourn" in Shchekino. The Father Superior was surprised at this combination of circumstances but the concern of lack of neither money nor acquaintances in a stranger city did not leave him. The Mother of God appeared to him once more and reassured him that everything would be all right.

Indeed, after some time, Shchekino residents began to come to Father Nikolai and offer help. There was even one seriously ill man who was cured during the construction of the church. Local entrepreneurs helped with money and materials…

Now, every guest of Shchekino is welcome within the walls of the Church of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Mourn," where local clergies can help with advice in any life situation, where one may put a candle for health, where it is so quiet, cozy, and calm!
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26 Lev Tolstoy St., Shchyokino, Tula Region
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Александр 22 October 2021
Очень хороший храм! Красиво украшен, Много икон. Есть большая икона Святителя Николая с частичкой его мощей!