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Devyagorsko-Likhvinskiy Historical and Landscape Museum-Reserve

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    Chekalin is the smallest city in Russia. The city was mentioned for the first time in 1564. It was called Likhvin (likhoy means “dashing, bold”) because it was famous for its dashing warriors and belligerent spirit and is was a part of the abbatis line.

    The city received its current name in 1944 in honor of the executed partisan Sasha Chekalin, one of the youngest heroes of the Soviet Union. Chekalin still retains the atmosphere of the old district city where time seemed to stop... Nowadays the city has retained most of the stone buildings of the late 18th - 19th centuries.

    There are no industrial enterprises and factories here, only the picturesque nature and centuries-old history have been preserved. During a sightseeing tour one will not only be inspired by the spirit of the county town but also be able to see the unique Likhvinskiy Pit, a natural monument as well as to visit the site of the ancient city, see the beautiful view of the Oka River from Sobornaya Mount. Moreover, guests of the city may participate in the quest games “Through the streets of the old city” and “Code of history.”

    We would like to invite everyone to a walking tour of the smallest city in Russia - Chekalin.

    Here, every visitor may:

    • take a walk around the old county town, get acquainted with its history, interesting facts and events;
    • see the unique “Likhvinskiy Pit”;
    • visit the site of the ancient city. One will see a beautiful view from the Sobornaya Mount on the Oka River.

    We would like to invite everyone to participate in quests:

    1.  The Costumed quest “Through the streets of the old city”

    Quest participants will learn about the historic buildings of the city, get acquainted with the “real” treasurer, learn about young partisan's exploits, try themselves as partisan in the nearby area and see the prison castle, all this making their own route only by completing tasks.

    2. The quest “Code of History”

    An exciting journey from the future to the past will become an unusual way to spend time in the “frame” of really interesting riddles and puzzles. Participants will remember it for a long time. Quest participants will plunge into the atmosphere of secrets of the ancient city and will be able to learn interesting historycal facts and to solve the secret code.

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    37 Kaluzhskaya Str., Chekalin, Suvorovsky District, Tula Region
    8 (916) 409-45-15
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    Елена 26 September 2021
    Отличное место для посещения с семьёй. Большая территория, есть где по гулять. Очень рекомендую к посещению!
37 Kaluzhskaya Str., Chekalin, Suvorovsky District, Tula Region
8 (916) 409-45-15
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