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    The museum of merchant life is located in the estate of the Baibakovs. It includes a dwelling house with a drawing room, a bed room and a study ( was built in 1913), a trading area with a basement, a yard, a kitchen garden and a Russian sauna. Every element of the museum complex can be shown as an autonomous exhibit, but all of them are a composition unit, which depicts a complex interesting life of bourgeois of old Russia. The Museum occupies two buildings, each of them holds its own exposition. In the drawing-room of Baibakovs’ estate the life of Epiphania dwellers of moderate means of the beginning of the XXth century is shown. Here you can see items of old furniture, crockery, homespun rugs, a photocamera, a harmonica, a clock, commendations. In this exposition, everything that was precious to the person of that time - the world of the material and spiritual values of the Russian philistine - became a figure harmoniously merged without any attention to the style, which became a nominal in national history and literature. Merchant’s shop depicts hardware, food products, crockery, souvenirs, haberdashery, draught and many other things that people, living in a small provincial town, used at the end of the XIX –the beginning of the XX century. Except goods there are banknotes of those times. You can also get acknowledged with prices, measuring instruments and trading connections between towns of those days.
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8 Kimovskaya St., Epifan, Kimovsky District, Tula Region
+7 (48735) 7-22-65
Every day 10:00-18:00
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