Museum at the railway station "Kozlova Zaseka"

Tula Region, Schekino district, railway station Yasnaya Polyana
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  • Description
    The nearest railway station to Yasnaya Polyana estate is located at the territory of the Kozlova Zaseka, which was a part of the defensive structures complex on the southern border of the Russian state in the 16th – 17th centuries. The name of the abates has several versions of its origin, the main one is connected with the governor of province Danil Kozlov, who served there. The station of Kozlova Zaseka (originally called a way station) was opened in 1864 on the Tula site of the Moscow-Kursk railway. It housed a small station building with the station's chief and his assistant; there were also a cash desk, a post office, a passenger hall. The stove functioned as the heating of the station. In 1902, there were built a luggage compartment, a wooden platform, an island platform, a toilet, a cellar and a railway house in Kozlova Zaseka. Some long – distance trains going to the south and in summer – suburban trains stopped at the station. Repin, Korolenko, Shishkin, Strakhov and other guests of Yasnaya Polyana came here.
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    Tula Region, Schekino district, railway station Yasnaya Polyana
    +7 (4872) 31-40-92
    вход на территорию комплекса 9.00 - 16.30, проведение экскурсий 9.30 - 15.45, weekends – понедельник, санитарный день - последний Tueорник каж-го месяца
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