Monument to Bobrinsky

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    Monument to Alexei Pavlovich Bobrinsky (1826-1894), great-grandson of Catherine II, Minister of Railways of the Russian Empire (1871-1874), member of the State Council. He was a large sugar producer. Following the example of his uncle, Count A. A. Bobrinsky was actively working on economic activities. He built a sugar factory in Bogoroditsk in 1848, which worked until 1922. Bobrinsky created 5 farms in order to provide the plant with raw material, sugar beets. He also broke the Tovarkovskaya coal mine (one of the first coal basins in the Moscow region) to provide the plant with fuel in 1856. Alexey Pavlovich revived the manor park created by A.T. Bolotov. In the period of A.P. Bobrinsky's service on the post of Minister of Railways, the Syzran-Viazemskaya railway was built through Tula with a branch to Bogoroditsk and Efremov.
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    Zhdanka Railway Station, Bogoroditsk, Tula Region
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Zhdanka Railway Station, Bogoroditsk, Tula Region

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