The Holy source of the Forgiven well on the Kulikovo field

Leaving the fabulous Begichevsky Forest growing on the steppes to the waters of the sacred Don River, we find the Well of Forgiveness. The holy spring not only quenches thirst but also has miraculous properties.

It may happen that you have never heard of it. Then, we will tell you about the Well of Forgiveness in Tula Region now!..

Any place tourists visit, against which they take pictures, about which they write in books and newspapers, becomes full of legends and interesting facts. The addresses of such objects are known to everyone, or if they are not, it is possible to find them from locals. The task is also simplified by the fact that in addition to locals, a lot of information about this place may be given by employees of the museum-reserve.

The whole point is that there is the Well of Forgiveness on the Kulikovo Field! This is not a simple area. Here, in 1380, Russia began as a whole state! Knyaz Dmitry Donskoy managed to rally the troops of disparate principalities for the legendary repulse of the Horde of Khan Mamai. Many brave soldiers died then. The Kulikovo Field is considered the first military field in Russia!

According to legend, it was to this spring in the Begichevsky Forest that Knyaz Dmitry Donskoy and his army came to bury the dead in battle and wash the wounds of the living.

Since then, everyone knows that the water of the Well of Forgiveness accelerates the regeneration of both soft tissues and bones. Moreover, the water from the spring feeds the great Russian Don River!

Nowadays, there is a well-equipped developed and ennobled place around the spring consecrated by Patriarch Alexis II, a chapel in honor of all the soldiers who died for Russia, and a font.

Now, are you sure what a wonderful place it is? After visiting the museum on the Kulikovo Field, you should reach here!
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Griboyedovo, Kurkinsky District, Tula Region
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