Begichevskiy forest Tract

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    The Don River is slowly running past the legendary Kulikovo Field, gaining strength from streams, springs, and rivers! Around are the steppes and the endless sky above. Needlegrass is waving in the wind. It's light!

    The blessing of the Russian wides, as well as the Russian soul, does not have boundaries here!

    Is nature so simple, however?


    It, like the soul of the people who have inhabited these lands for many centuries, has hidden places, isolated from idle serenity.

    Thus, the old tract, "Begichevsky Forest," suddenly rises before us in the midst of the vast steppes!

    Either oaks or maples, ash trees, and linden trees grow abundantly, saving guests and locals from the heat.

    Nearby is the famous "Well of Forgiveness." Like 600 years ago, its icy water may not only quench your thirst but also save you from wounds and diseases.

    The Begichevsky Forest tract may be found at the address: Highway 70K-231, Kurkinsky District, Tula Region (Turn to Griboyedovo).

    Don't forget to take a memorable photo in the forest and near the "Well of Forgiveness"!
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    Griboyedovo Village, Kurkinsky District, Tula Region
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Griboyedovo Village, Kurkinsky District, Tula Region

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