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Preventive Health Resort EZSK Service JSC (Yefremov)

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    The Preventive Health Resort EZSK Service JSC is located in the southernmost city of Tula Oblast, in Yefremov. It is a four-story building with a dining hall on the ground floor, connected to the medical building by a warm passage. The inventory of the Health Resort is 54 rooms (room categories: category 2 rooms, standards, suites).
    The territory of the Preventive Health Resort is located in the forest area, of an urban grove, near the Krasivaya Mecha River. Beautiful nature, clean air in combination with medical procedures will give you cheerfulness, good mood, health, and the desire to come back here again.
    For a variety of leisure of residents, the Preventive Health Resort offers one-day tours to the Shilovo Recreation Center (with a taxi transfer from the Preventive Health Resort to the destination):
    - bike tours
    -water trips
    The Preventive Health Resort also offers the following:
    - trips to the Turten village to the Holy Spring of Our Lady of Kazan,
    - trips to the Meshcherki village to the forest-steppe experimental breeding station,
    - an excursion to the city of Yelets.
    The Preventive Health Resort EZSK Service is multifunctional. It provides all the conditions for the treatment of diseases in the following areas of medical activity: cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, therapy, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, physiotherapy.
    The qualified help and consultations of the following expert doctors are at your service: therapist, cardiologist, gynecologist, urologist, neurologist, and physiotherapist.
    The following is used in the course of complex treatment:
    Manual massage
    Automatic massage/Japanese massage tables/
    Electric light therapy
    Instrumental physiotherapy
    Oxygen cocktails
    Dietary therapy
    The Health Resort has a wonderful balneological complex, which includes the following:
    Mud baths - a mud room, a galvanic mud cabinet, paraffinotherapy and ozokeritotherapy cabinet
    Water baths - with the release of salt, turpentine, oxygen, iodine-bromine, pine baths; Charcot's douche; underwater shower massage; circular shower, dry and wet carbon dioxide bath, bath with licorice extract, and hydro massage.
    Gynecological and urological treatment is carried out. There is a cabinet of intestinal cleansing with the use of medical techniques.

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    18 Lesnaya St., Efremov, Tula Region
    8 (48741) 6-58-52; 8 (48741) 6-58-13;
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18 Lesnaya St., Efremov, Tula Region
8 (48741) 6-58-52; 8 (48741) 6-58-13;

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