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131Б Kutuzov St., Tula
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Office hours
Mon-Thu, Sun 12:00-03:00; Fri, Sat 12:00-04:00
Average bill
450 Р
Azerbaijani, European, Russian
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In the restaurant “Aida” you will enjoy dishes of Azerbaijan, Russian, European cuisines. We have recently changed the staff of our cooks. Now our guests are served by seven highly qualified specialists, who practice in the best Moscow restaurant. They are able to cook any dish of Caucasian cuisine. That’s why we can offer to our guests more than 200 dishes. We have 40 kinds of salads, 12 first courses (Moscow borsch with meat, noodle soup with chicken, kharcho with mutton, soup-solyanka, azerbaijanian soup-piti, soyutma, soup dushbara,, fish soup, kurza, bozbash (lamb), kufta-bozbash, salempur of mutton). Our special pride is 50 kinds of shashlik, for example: only some saj-kebab 10 kinds: veal with mushrooms, veal loin chops with vegetables, lamb with mushrooms, lamb intestines, lamb loin, sturgeon, pork, pork rib, quail. We can offer different kinds of halls: the “Tula hall” houses 60 persons, the Eastern hall houses 50 persons, the European hall houses 100 persons, VIP-hall houses 30 persons (karaoke). Separate rooms are for 6-8 persons and there is a comfortable summer complex. The restaurant complex “Aida” will entertain its guests with live-music and fantastic show (only at the weekend). The daily atmosphere is pleasant. In our summer houses which are situated I a picturesque birch grove and decorated in the Eastern style. You will spend unforgettable time in the open air. You can find a convenient asphalted entrance and a parking, summer houses with lighting style in the Eastern style. In our complex we have everything for comfortable rest for our guest, even for little ones. In the birch grove next to the summer houses there is a well-equipped playground for children. Orders for tables or rooms are accepted by phone
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