Yakitoria Sushi Bar

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100 Kutuzov St., Tula
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  • Description

    Opened in 1999, "Yakitoria" was the first cafe to make Japanese cuisine accessible to everyone. During the first years of the new millennium, we taught millions of people how to hold sticks and use oshibori, gave them to taste wasabi and ginger. In "Yakitoria", Russians have tasted Philadelphia rolls and eel sushi for the first time. The first guests have become regulars at our cafe since that time. We made the exotic accessible and forever changed the gastronomic habits of many people.

    We regularly delight our guests with culinary innovations. From season to season, "Yakitoria" brand chef Stanislav Bukharovsky implement all our wildest fantasies, experimenting with favorite flavors, shapes of sushi and rolls and cuisines of various countries.

    Visits to "Yakitoria" are an integral part of contemporary city life. People got used to arrange a date here, organize a business meeting, and spend time with friends and family.

    19 years after opening, the "Yakitoria" concept continues to combine affordable prices and consistently high quality.

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    100 Kutuzov St., Tula
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