Vikenty Veresaev’s House Museum and Aleksey Khomyakov’s Museum

Тип маршрута: Культурно-познавательный туризм
For school children,For Students
3 h. 30 min.
2 objects
The excursion program starts from Veresaev town mansion. Veresaev memorial house is the only literary museum of Tula. On the basis of museum there is a literature sitting-room. There you can visit musical and literary soiree, meetings with today’s Tula writers. The second part will consist of excursion program in Homyakov estate museum. Homyakov historical-artistic museum is situated in Oktyabr’skiy village. It is dedicated to life of famous Russian nationalist, theologian and philosopher Aleksey Homyakov. “Bogucharovo” represents the only Homyakovs estate that remained intact. But the revolutionary events dispossessed the Homyakovs' dynasty.
Дом-музей В.В. Вересаева
г. Тула, ул. Гоголевская, 82
Музей-усадьба А. С. Хомякова. ТИАМ (Тульский историко-архитектурный музей)
Тульская область, Ленинский район, п. Октябрьский, 1
+7 (4872) 72-67-41