Shcheglovsky Monastery of the Theotokos

My childhood brings memories when I was just allowed walking alone not only in the yard but also beyond it. It was a foggy morning. It rained last night. You are splashing through puddles and looking at the old five-story buildings. But now they are over and suddenly, the park rises out of the white haze with the trees almost bare. And the old asphalt road covered with leaves goes deep into the damp whiteness of the fog…

But what is that, something so huge? Unclear. Completely alien to the residential area of Khruschev-era houses.

High wooden gates! They seemed something new and fabulous in the autumn gloom and emptiness. How could this completely different, ancient world exist being separated from the reality of everyday life by a strip of parkland?

Many years passed before the mysterious place from childhood memories got its name. This was the Mother of God Shcheglovsky Monastery.

Since then, the monastery has become much more friendly. The forgotten gate tower with blind doors turned into a snow-white bell tower with the image of the Mother of God. The Shcheglovsky Monastery invites pilgrims and parishioners. The peace and blissful joy of life fill the soul to the brim here. Let us look for an address!

Tula found the Shcheglovsky Monastery in far 1859. The Cathedral Church of the monastery was built in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "Milkgiver." The Shcheglovsky Monastery received its former appearance in 1864.

In 1866, the Father Superior of the Church brought shrines to the monastery from Mount Athos. A fragment of the relics of Saint Pantaleon, parts of the Holy Sepulchre, and parts fo the cross of the Lord are among them. Pilgrims began to visit the Monastery in the 80s of the XIX century. It was required even to build a hotel for them. Moreover, there was a bakery, a stable, and an apiary in its territory. The territories were extremely vast. 117 hectares, imagine that!

Now, the Shcheglovsky Monastery has two churches in its territory: the Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God "Milkgiver" and Nikandrovskaya Church.

The Nikandrovskfya Church was built in 1886 in the Russian style. It is a four-story building with one floor and a dome. The drum of the single dome has eight sides.

The Cathedral of the Icon of the Mother of God "Milkgiver" is also built in the Russian style. Five cupolas with golden stars on their domes are pointed upwards above it.

Today, the Mother of God Shcheglovsky Monastery welcomes both pilgrims and ordinary tourists within its walls. The pilgrimage center of the monastery provides both one-day and multi-day tours to the holy places of Tula Region. The monastery contains a refectory and a spring.

Here, the well-groomed territory and ancient temples contribute to taking great pictures. The monastery itself is located at the address: Lisa Chaikina Str., Tula. You will notice the white walls and no less white gate bell tower from a distance.

We are waiting for you! Come touch the shrines!

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