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Shcheglovsky Monastery of the Theotokos

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    In the early nineteenth century on the Eastern outskirts of Tula in Scheglovskaya Zaseka the Hierarchal house was built. In 1859 on money of the Moscow merchant Vasily Ianovich Makarochin, near the Hierarchal house the buildings for the future monastery were begun to erect. The Builder of the Church was hieromonk Nikandr, designer — Alexander Gavriilovich Bocharnikov, the architect of the Imperial Academy of Arts and the constructions were supervised by his father, Gabriel V. Bocharnikov. On may 20, 1860 the Cathedral Church in honor of icon of Mother of God “nursing the child”, which was consecrated on 8 September 1864 was laid. The temple was built two-storey, not heated and had three altars on each floor. At the same time, the construction on the bell tower above the entrance gate, three residential buildings, walls and corner towers, and the chambers of the Abbot, with a chapel dedicated to the Dormition of the Mother of God were started. the Cathedral Church. In 1864 all the buildings of the monastery were built and Tula city society addressed a petition to the Tula’s and Belev’s diocese and the Holy Synod about the establishment of the monastery. However due to financial disagreement, the application was postponed for more than a year. In 1867 the permission for the opening of the monastery was granted, which was timed to the miraculous deliverance of the Emperor from threatening his assassination in April 1866. On 30 September 1868 the monastery was approved. In 1866 the director of the construction works of the monastery Alexander Gavriilovich Bocharnikov took monastic vows with the name Herman. Soon he made a pilgrimage to Athos, where he brought part of the Tree of the Holy cross, of the Stone of the Lord, relics of St. Pantaleon and martyrs Euthymius, Ignatius and Acacius. In 1880, the founder of the monastery, Vasily Ianovich Makaruchin moved to the monastery. In 1884 at the monastery the hotel, bakery and refectory were built. On May 24, 1886, the laying of the second, fuel temple in honor of Nikandr of Pskov were done. On September 24, 1889 the temple, outside of Prince Vladimir and healer Panteleimon was consecrated. In 1890, the founder of the monastery, Vasily Ianovich Makarkin, who a few days before his death he became a monk-hermit, taking the name Barsanuphius died. He was buried in the left-hand limit of the Cathedral Church. In 1894 his nephew N. F. Musatov took the leadership of the monastery. Until his death in 1915, he was thoroughly engaged in the improvement of the monastery. He built the Alexander school for the poor children and the monastery hospital. By the beginning of XX century in the possession of the monastery were 117 hectares of land, two ponds, apiary, stables, a farmyard and a vegetable garden. In 1921 the monastery was abolished. The monks were dispersed and all the possessions of the Church were nationalized. Monastic utensils and icons were removed and eventually many of them were lost. On November 2, 1990, the territory and all the buildings of the monastery were returned to the Christian Church and on 18th of July 1991, the opening of the monastery was happened.
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    1 Liza Chaykina St., Tula
    8 (4872) 41-30-24; 8 (4872) 41-64-96.
1 Liza Chaykina St., Tula
8 (4872) 41-30-24; 8 (4872) 41-64-96.
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