The Church of the Saints of the First-Ever Apostles Peter and Paul

The Church of the Saints of the First-Ever Apostles Peter and Paul фото 1
The history of its creation began with the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. In 1902, Aleksey Ivanovich Mosolov, the factory owner of the Dubensk Iron-smelting Plant, the retired staff captain of the Guards, applied with Bishop Pitirim for the construction of a church in the village Dubna. After the blessing of Vladyka, the church was built, as they say, by the whole world, and in 1906, after the consecration, the Divine Service began. There was a record in the clerical register of St. Paraskeva Church Friday of the village of Protasovo, Odoyevsky Uyezd, about the attached church-school in the name of Saints Peter and Paul: ""Stone, warm, covered with iron. Bells weighing 20 poods hang in the belfry on wooden poles. ""The wooden bell tower was built later and stood alone next to the church and rang bells calling the parishioners at the Divine Liturgy, celebrate the sacraments of baptism and wedding, heard Dubna awaited cry:.!"" Christ is Risen ""and the echo in the dome echoed choral singing akathist"" Rejoice, holy chiefs of the apostles Peter and Paul. Under the Soviet regime, hard times for Russian Orthodoxy came. Churches and monasteries were closed everywhere. The Godina of trials did not bypass the Dubensk land: in 1932 the church was closed. His last abbot, Protopriest Nikolai Petrovich Sakharov, received a martyr's death on the Tula Calvary - he was shot in 1937 in the Tesnitski camps. From the building of the church were demolished domes and dismantled the bell tower and for many years the factory club settled in it. In the 50's and 70's it was rebuilt: the second floor is set up and an extension appears, equal in area to the main building. In the early 1990s, the Tula Diocese raised the question of the return of the church of the Orthodox Church. But at that time in the building were the House of Creativity for Children, a music school, the editorial office of the local newspaper and the issue was not resolved. In 2001, an Orthodox community was formed in the village of Dubna and in the same year the church was returned to the faithful. The time has come to collect the stones and everything has returned to normal. After many years of silence, the words ""Lord, have mercy!"" Have risen to the high heaven: ""Christ is Risen!"" And the singing of the holy apostles to Peter and Paul is heard. The difficult process of revival of spiritual life in the village and the restoration of the blighted House of God began. Gradually, the external appearance of the building is also changing: the Soviet-era replica is being removed, the roof is overlapped, the upper part of the walls, the gables, arches, the dome is set, vaults are made, the altar part, the iconostasis, the temple is fully painted. A bell tower is built. Restoration is difficult, because there were no drawings, and the photographs did not convey the original appearance of the temple and carried an imprint of changes. The abbot of the church abbot Seraphim had to focus on the memories of elderly parishioners. From the bell tower nothing was left and it was necessary to erect everything anew. The facade of the building after plastering and painting works looks simply amazing, leaving no one indifferent, the temple seems to shine from within. In April 2011, a dome in the shape of a bulb and a cross was installed at the top of the bell tower. Slowly but surely, year after year, the revival of the temple, lasting about 10 years, came to an end. The adjoining territory is improved, paths and flower beds are broken, on flower beds, as in paradise gardens, flowers are fragrant. Works on the restoration of the shrine were conducted at the expense of local residents and guests of Dubna, the bells were donated by the Tula businessman. Revived, recreated as in the good old days - by the whole world!
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33A Pervomayskaya St., Dubna, Tula Region
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