The Resurrection Church in Voskresenskoe village

Architecture of the church The Resurrection Cathedral is a part of the architectural ensemble of the Red Square of Venyov. The Cathedral is an architectural monument. It is built in the style of late classicism. The cathedral rises on the shore of Venyovka and creates simultaneously with other structures a single panorama of the building, looking picturesquely from another side of the river. There was a voivode’s house, and also other state buildings on this place in ancient times. The Resurrection Church was erected on the location of the first church in Venyov – in honor of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, mentioned in the Gorodensk's Scribe book in 1751. This church was burnt by the Crimean Tatars in 1633. The construction of the Resurrection Cathedral dates back to 1752. At first the church was made of stone and had five domes. It had two chapels: in honor of the Annunciation and in honor of the Holy Great Martyr Paraskeva (Pyatnitsa). It was decided to expand the building in the early 19th century because of the tightness of the previous church and at the request of Protopriest John Pylaev and parishioners. Funds for the construction of the church were collected by parishioners and other benefactors. A refectory was added to the church with chapels in honor of the Annunciation and in honor of the Great Martyr Paraskeva in 1805. The church was completed in 1825. Assistance in the construction of the church was provided by the nobleman M. Kartukhov. The new building was made in a classical style. The cathedral saved two ancient icons of John the Theologian and Paraskeva Pyatnitsa in pre-revolutionary times, who had the glory of the miraculous. In 1837, Alexander Romanov (heir to the throne and future emperor Alexander II) visited the church with his tutor, the famous poet V.A. Zhukovsky. In the 1930s the cathedral was closed. It was used as storage space. The wounded Red Army soldiers stayed there during the German occupation. In the postwar years the bell tower was destroyed. Until the 1970s, the building was not used. In 1969 it was registered as a monument, but was used as a point of receiving glass containers. The building of the church was given to the Russian Orthodox Church in 1988.
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58 Volodarsky St., Venyov, Venyov District, Tula Region
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