The Venevsky Museum of Local Lore

The Venevsky Museum of Local Lore acquaints the guests of the ancient city at the Great Zasechnaya Cherta with its history, extraordinary nature, and the exploits of its inhabitants. Visitors will learn about what animals inhabited the area before the arrival of man, how the local peasants and merchants lived, and how the noble rooms were designed. All that is available at affordable prices.

The most expensive exhibit is the very building that houses the Venevsky Museum of Local Lore. These are stone chambers from the early 18th century. There are few buildings in Tula Region that have survived those times, and it is one of them. Two floors, a mezzanine, facades in the earliest baroque style, all those are elements of historical value. At different times, the City Duma, the City Magistrate, and a library were located here, and the Venevsky Museum appeared in 1972. The building took part in the filming of Pyotr Todorovsky's V sozvezdii byka.

The city and the region are rich in attractions. For example, the tallest building in Tula Region - Nikolskaya Bell Tower - is located one pace away from the Venevsky Museum of Local Lore. The building of the railway station in the neo-Russian style with an open-air museum, and some old mansions on Leo Tolstoy Street are worth attention too. The Guryevskiye Quarries are found in the town suburbs, and this place is perfect for speleological tourism; then there are the holy 12 Springs, next to which the festival that bears the same name is held every year, and the walls of a gothic-styled manor the Russian railway king Carl Frederick von Meck used to own. You can easily make lots of unique photos there that will shape a collection of their own.

Before you travel along this route, you may want to visit the Venevsky Museum, where the staff will tell you about all the sights and city legends. To do this, please visit Red Square, 32. For ticket prices and group tours, please call +7 (48745) 2-55-82.

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20 — 50 ₽
32 Red Square, Venyov, Tula Region
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Tue-Fri 09:00-18:00: Sat 09:00-17:00
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Natali5810 28 September 2020

Бережно собранная коллекция музея поражает своей незатейливостью, но живостью истории. Экскурсоводы просто знатоки своего дела. Если вдруг окажетесь в Веневе-не поленитесь посетить этот музей.