Holy temple of Kazan

The contribution of Empress Catherine the Great to the life of Bogoroditsk is difficult to overestimate. It was here in 1771 that she began building a palace for her illegitimate son, count Bobrinsky. The streets of the city were being rebuilt according to the plan developed by Catherine II.

A couple of years after that, the erection of the Holy Kazan Church started in the park of the palace. The best icon painters participated in the design of the Church. Even the great agronomist, philosopher, and inventor Andrei Timofeevich Bolotov put his hand to the painting of the walls of the Church.

The completion of the Church lasted for 9 years and it was kept in an exemplary order until the revolution.

What the Soviet government did to the palace, park, and church can never be forgiven!

The Holy Kazan Church became a club for barbarians. The precious interior walls had been permanently painted over with lime, after which a warehouse was located here. No one restored the Church. An ingenious architectural piece of art was turned into ruins.

In 1990, the long-awaited restoration of the desecrated shrine began. Restorers and builders created a miracle. Wall paintings are striking in their organic nature. The subtle taste of artists becomes noticeable.

Nowadays, when you come to see the Bobrinsky Palace, be sure to go to the Holy Kazan Church. This is one of the most wonderful places not only in Bogoroditsk but in Tula Region as well.

Write down the address, come, and do not forget to take a picture of the luxurious Church!

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A.P.Bolotov Park, Bogoroditsk, Tula Region
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Divine services are held daily. In the morning at 08:00, in the evening at 16:30. During the holidays, two Divine Liturgies are held at 06:30 and 09:00
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