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Bogoroditsk Palace Museum and Park

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    The Bogoroditsk Palace Museum and Park is a large palace complex on the grounds that used to belong to Empress Catherine the Great, which she handed over to her illegitimate son Aleksey Bobrinsky in 1765.

    The main building was built by the architect Ivan Starov in the style of early Classicism, characteristic of the end of the 18th century. An outstanding scientist, agronomist and encyclopedist, Andrey Bolotov invested a huge part of his labor in the Bogoroditsky Park, as well as in the city planning. He adjusted the landscape points to enjoy the views of the estate. The scientist understood that such a perfectly planned out park would not exist forever, and he made watercolor sketches in memory of it, which are now kept at the State Historical Museum.

    According to the general plan developed by Bolotov, the palace was supposed to become the dominant feature of the town. From the monumental snow-white building standing on a hill and reflected in the pond, the streets should have diverged to the sides, forming a kind of fan. The plan was approved. Proof of this can be seen by any guest who comes to the Bogoroditsk Palace Museum and goes out on the observation deck. The architectural ensemble of the complex also includes the entrance tower and the Holy Kazan Church.

    Inside the palace there is an exposition that introduces guests to the work of Ivan Starov, tells them in more detail about the activities of Andrey Bolotov, conveys the history of the outstanding Bobrinsky dynasty to tourists through the exhibits. Tourists passing through the suite on the second floor get acquainted with the spirit of late Classicism. The interior with objects from the turn of the 18–19th centuries, which used to be of practical importance in the life of the nobility, are complemented by works of art: sculptures, paintings, tapestries.

    Nowadays, the Bogoroditsk Palace and Park have become not only a testimony to the history frozen in the exhibits, but also a venue for exhibitions, conferences and literary and musical gatherings. Employees conduct theatrical excursions, drawing guests into the world of the 19th century nobility. In addition to visiting the complex, you may want to familiarize yourself with the exposition at the Zhdanka Railway Station, dedicated to the life and work of the outstanding Minister of Railways, Count Aleksey Bobrinsky.

    Bogoroditsky Park in Tula Region, Bobrinsky’s palace, the pond, the Kazan temple, and other town landmarks are waiting for their guests. You can find the prices on the official website of the museum association or call us at +7 (48761) 2-25-32.

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    История города Богородицка

    Передача, подготовленная телеканалом «Спектр» совместно с работниками Богородицкого дворца-музея графов Бобринских ко Дню города Богородицка о его истории возникновения как города-крепости.

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    Bogoroditsky Park and Museum, Bogoroditsk, Bogoroditsky District, Tula Region
    +7 (48761) 2-25-32
    Tue-Fri 09:15-20:00; Sat-Sun 09:15-18:00; Mon - closed; last Thursday of the month - sanitary day
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    Valentina B 11 June 2017

    Он прекрасен в любое время года. Здесь такая же атмосфера русской усадьбы, как в Спасском Лутовинове и других похожих парках. В последнее время за парком стали ухаживать по-настоящему. А во дворце-музее могут провести познавательную экскурсию.

Bogoroditsky Park and Museum, Bogoroditsk, Bogoroditsky District, Tula Region
+7 (48761) 2-25-32
Tue-Fri 09:15-20:00; Sat-Sun 09:15-18:00
Events in july
День усадебных традиций. Яблочный спас
Программа об отмечании праздника в Богородицкой усадьбе с театрализацией и играми.  ...
Тематическая экскурсия «В поисках подземного хода»
Тематическая экскурсия по парку им. А.Т. Болотова с посещением склепа Казанского храма. Город Богородицк был основан в 1663 году на том самом месте, где сейчас расположился Богородицкий дворец и парк, как крепость юго-восточной окраины государства Российского. Экскурсионный маршрут по парку пройдет по тем местам, где раньше был деревянны...
Выставки авторской вышивки Натальи Лунёвой Carpe diem! Лови момент!»
4 июня 2022 года ГУК ТО «Тульское музейное объединение» приглашает на вернисаж выставки авторской вышивки Натальи Лунёвой (г. Тула) «Carpe diem! Лови момент!». Её представят в Богородицком дворце-музее. Carpe diem (карпэ диэм, с лат. - "лови день") – означает "живи настоящим", "лови момент". Это выражение максимально точно отражает филос...


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