Monument to Bolotov

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The city of Bogoroditsk remembers the great times of Catherine II and what she did for it.

Having built a palace here for her Grigory Orlov's illegitimate son, Alexei Grigoryevich Bobrinsky, she breathed the luxury of court life into the provincial town.

The outstanding mind of that time, Andrei Timofeyevich Bolotov, was involved in the development of the noble nest.

Being a man who conceived agricultural science in Russia, having a broad knowledge of botany and forestry, Bolotov designed and implemented the first landscape park for the Russian Empire. Now, there is a monument to Bolotov in Bogoroditsk!

The modest town of the Big Zasechnaya Cherta has been transformed! There were cascading ponds and waterfalls. A huge number of different mature trees were planted in accordance with the personal methods of Andrei Timofeyevich.

When Bolsheviks came to power, the fairy-tale park was destroyed and only ancient lithographs are able to remind us of its former greatness.

The memory of the outstanding scientist remained in the addresses of one of the streets of Tula and in his homeland village of Dvoryaninovo. As late as in 1988, a monument to Bolotov was erected in Bogoroditsk Park; and everyone may take a picture with it!

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Territory of the Bogoroditsky Park, Bogoroditsk, Tula Region
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