The Belevsky Museum of Local Lore of Vasily Zhukovsky

The Belevsky Museum of Local Lore invites guests of the city to look at the exhibits dedicated to the glorious history, nature, and artisan crafts of Russia. The Visual Arts section exhibits paintings by world's renowned creators that were collected and donated by Nadezhda Leger, who was born in Belev and lived in France. Eighteen thousand artifacts of history are stored in the former mansion of the merchant Ryzhkov at Karla Marksa St. The ticket prices are affordable and the experience you get here is unforgettable.

In 1910, the Belevsky Museum of Local Lore was the center of visual aids for district schools, but it soon began to acquire exhibits that educate the public as well. The first person to donate a significant number of exhibits to the museum was the son of Vasily Zhukovsky, Pavel Zhukovsky. After that, there was a wave of initiatives from other museums, communities, and libraries to donate visual aids, paintings, sculptures, collections of minerals, animals, and plants. The entire Empire took part in shaping the exposition!

Over 100 years have passed, and the museum moved and expanded. Apart from valuable exhibits of the nature, history, and economy of Belev, the Museum offers city tours:

  • To the village of Mishenskoye, the homeland of the Russian genius of literature Vasily Zhukovsky;
  • To old monuments, including the mansion of merchant Dorofeev, where Elizaveta, the wife of Emperor Alexander I, died;
  • To Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, that Tsar Ivan the Terrible visited more than once.

The Belevsky Museum awaits its guests Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00. To find out more about ticket prices and additional services or to order a tour, please call +7 (48742) 4-32-95. Welcome to enjoy vivid photos and no less vivid impressions!

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30 — 50 ₽
114 Karl Marx St., Belyov, Belyovsky District, Tula Region
Режим работы
Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00
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Ирина 18 October 2021
Современные композиции нашей истории. Интересная медийная обработка и подача исторических событий. Красиво, красочно и захватывающе. Очень интересно светло и ярко.
Yury E 25 January 2020

Любой краеведческий музей - лучшее место для старта изучения города. Музей в Белеве -небольшой, но очень уютный, расположен в старинном доме. Чтобы экспозиция представлялась более красочной, рекомендую заказать экскурсию.