Regional art museum of local lore in Belev

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    Belev regional Art Museum was opened Белёвский районный художественно-краеведческий музей начал свою активность 1– on the 1st of September in 1910 as ; visual materials museum ». In the middle of 1911 it changed its sphere of activity and got the new name- Belev Provincial Scientific-educational and Art Museum. The reason of the museum’s collection creating were display items taken by the provincial Duma from the agricultural exhibition. The main museum fund consists of more than 18 thousand of depository items. Every year the museum’s fund is enriched with new items and collections. You have 5 reasons to visit this museum in Belev 1. If you are interested in poetry, you should visit Mishenskoe village- the birthplace of the great poet, translator, teacher and patron of many young talented writersand poets of XIX century , V.A. Zhukovsky. 2. To wander along the old streets of Belev and learn more about its historical and cultural legacy, charm and nobility.< 3. To visit “Museum block”, situated in the historic part of the town . 4. To visit the Transfiguration friary and Exaltation of the Cross convent, to have a bath in the sacred spring. 5. Only we can offer you to taste and to buy the real gourmet treatment- Belev apple marshmallow. Having visited Belev Art Museum, you will get acquainted with the uniqueness and bright achievements of Belev culture. There the real Russian brands are displaced among the other museum items and namely Belev lace and clay toys.
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    114 Karl Marx St., Belyov, Belyovsky District, Tula Region
    +7 (48742) 4-32-95
    Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00
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    Yury E 25 January 2020

    Любой краеведческий музей - лучшее место для старта изучения города. Музей в Белеве -небольшой, но очень уютный, расположен в старинном доме. Чтобы экспозиция представлялась более красочной, рекомендую заказать экскурсию.

114 Karl Marx St., Belyov, Belyovsky District, Tula Region
+7 (48742) 4-32-95
Tue-Sat 10:00-17:00

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