Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian

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According to the old cadasters, the Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian with the chapel of Nicetas the Goth was known back in 1616, but the church inventory of 1772 says that it was wooden and built in 1712. The wooden church, which was rapidly falling into decay, was likely to be repaired that same year.

The construction of the church continued until 1802. Despite that, the Pyatnitskaya Church was assigned to the newly built church in 1790 “with all church utensils, parish, and church land”, having been abolished that year “due to dilapidation and low parishion”. In 1829, at the request of the priest Pavel Koltunov and the elder Boris Barkov, the warm side-chapel of the Great Martyr Paraskeva was allowed to be expanded due to its cramped condition. Donations were used for that. In the same year, the newly built side-chapel was consecrated by the local dean with the blessing of the Rev. Damascene.

The bell tower, dismantled “because of the dilapidation found in it”, had not yet been completed by 1829 due to the lack of church funds. It was finished later in 1837. It had 5 bells with a total weight of 118 poods.

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19,Sovetskaya St., Krapivna Settlement, Shchyokinsky District, Tula Region
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