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The London Hotel and Pub is a distinctive feature in a small Russian town of the late Classicism. The building is situated on the northern side of the central square, opposite to the English Club. It was built in several construction stages. The oldest one is the western part of the site (left of the hallway). Leo Tolstoy stayed at the hotel several times.

A two-floor n-shaped hotel building has an uneven row of second-floor windows under V-shaped roofs, and a laid-in archway of the original driveway to the yard that was converted into a transverse hallway with a staircase and a lobby on the first floor. Plastered facades are crowned by a contoured cornice and a smooth friso; the inter-tier division is a narrow belt copied by a string cornice of the top tier. The eastern five-window part of the building is separated on the facade by a tiered paneled blade with a pointed pane peculiar to Krapivna in the top tier; the same blades adorn the eastern corner of the building.

In the recess of the yard, near the side border of the premises, there is a brick shed with a square-shaped plan view under a V-shaped roof, with a wide entryway.

On the ground floor next to the left part of the premises, Ivan Yudin (house owner), a merchant of the Second Guild, a Private Citizen of Honor, used to keep a tea house managed by Dmitry Mazhaytsev, and a grocery shop with a wine cellar. On the right-hand side, currently housing a chemist’s shop, Filat Vasilyev, a Krapivna citizen, ran a pub back then.

There were hotel rooms on the first floor.

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Tsentralnaya Square, Krapivna Settlement, Shchyokinsky District, Tula Region
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