Tula the Capital of Sweets

Тип маршрута: Гастрономический туризм, Культурно-познавательный туризм
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The Russian proverb Today, as never before, gastronomic tourism is in demand and we invite you to a delicious and sweet journey around Tula region! So, let’s start! Distantly we can see the estate museum of A.T. Bolotov's "The Nobleman's." Andrei Timofeevich Bolotov (1738-1833) is a famous Russian scientist, writer, encyclopedist, and one of the founders of Russian agronomic science. Being an erudite, having an exceptional, inquisitive mind and extraordinary capacity for work, A.T. Bolotov left his mark in many areas of science and culture, moreover he discovered and did much for the first time. He wrote over 350 volumes of scientific and literary works, of which about 4 thousand scientific works were published. In "Dvoryaninovo" it is located the famous oak-arch, which is 500 years old! During the A.T. Bolotov’s lifetime, the lightning hit the senescent tree. The part of the tree fell on the ground, and the another part fell on the elm, next to the oak. The guests of the estate stood under the arch and wished themselves longevity. Now this place is called the "Arch of Wishes" and all the tourists make a wish here, which, let's say, by secrets, come true ... And finally, all the guests of the museum are treated with tea, which is a unique for its benefit and has an amazing taste. It’s called "longevity and health", and cooked according to Bolotov's recipe. Every day he began with a fragrant cup of this tea and has lived for 95 years! Try favorite dishes of the natural painter V.D. Polenov, try hunter’s snacks by I.S. Turgenev recipes and much more – all these things you can do in the agrotourist complex "Mark and the Lion"! Only here there is a restaurant, preparing dishes only from products growing in ecologically clean areas of Tula region.

And now we are going to the estate museum of L.N. Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana”. Yasnaya Polyana" is rightly considered to be the main attraction of Tula region. The estate is belonged to Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy: here he was born, he wrote his main works here, he died here and he is buried also here. Today it is a large museum complex, which consist of several buildings, parks and ponds. For tourists and real gourmets there is a special gastronomic excursion, where guests will get acquainted with the secrets of Russian estate gastronomy, will discover a special world of culinary passions of Leo Tolstoy and his family, will learn the history of the appearance of family recipes and even will see the famous bowl for cooking jam, which Tolstoy mentions in the novel "Anna Karenina"! A small tour of the estate will be completed by tasting the Ankov pie & ndash; "Business card" of the family of the great Russian writer! The tour will be finished by tasting the Ankov pie, this is a special dish of the family of the great Russian writer!
So, and now let's go to Tula- this is the capital of samovars and gingerbreads!
And now we are opening the doors of the hospitable museum "Honey Traditions" ... Here you will learn not only the history of the unique ancient delicacy which came to us their depths of centuries, but also you will try to cook it by hand. Shall we drink fragrant tea with Tula gingerbread at the end, which still keeps the ancient and rich history of the Tula masters. That is why Tula people proudly say that the famous Tula printed gingerbread is the eighth wonder of the world. And your lips will be as sweet as this miracle delicacy!
The first day of the tour is going to finish with a visit to the museum "Tula Samovars" and a thematic sightseeing tour around Tula. For memory of your stay in our wonderful city, you can make a memorable photo of the sculptural composition "Tula Tea Party" and the monument "Tula Gingerbread"!

The second day is starting with a visit to the Tula milky Plant, where everyone can learn the secrets of cooking natural products, and taste them! Here there is produced kefir "as from the childhood", unique drinking creamy cottage cheese and there is more surprising product - yoghurt with Tula gingerbread taste! But now it is time to say goodbye to the capital of Tula region and visit the provincial towns of the region!
The first place on our way will be the county town Krapivna – It is Tula open-air museum! Here you will learn about the history of the ancient merchant city, and also you will try amazing dishes which are made of real nettle! In Odoev we run in at the fruit -vegetable combine, where the most delicious pickle and jams are made! And we wend our way to the ancient merchant city Belev! Do you know what is he famous for? Exactly, it is famous for its elegant and unique in its pattern Belev lace and apple delicacy - Belev pastille! The technology of its cooking is very laborious. This is a completely natural product, it consists of only natural apples sort Antonovka and rustic chicken eggs. Pastila is very rich in pectin, which is coined in baked apples, so it can be called a healthy sweetness. Prokhorovka pastille is the main offspring of the famous Russian merchant Ambrose Pavlovich Prokhorov. This is an old delicacy, which has been exported since 1888 to the royal court, to the table of the highest figures of France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Georgia and many other countries. In Russia, the Belevs pastille is sliced off pieces as bread, served with warm or cold milk, tea with milk, honey and tea, on holidays with mead, potions, any pudding wine, sour cream and cowberry. Children can add an ice-cream. In France the Belevi pastilles are served with dry white wine, to semi-sweet wine, champagne. With milkshakes. In England - to coffee, to coffee with milk, in equal parts with whip, thinly sliced, up a little mint. In Spain - with tangerine jelly, goat's milk, with black coffee, and a slice of pastille is smeared with butter. In Holland in one of the restaurants slices of pastilles were served with two or three types of soft cheese. Tourists will be able to visit the museum "House of Traditions" and take part in the process of making Belev pastille! Perhaps no region of Russia can boast of as many gastronomic brands as Tula region!
In conclusion, a gastronomic tour of Tula region; This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the region and its traditions. Tula region is waiting for a visit to real gourmets! The taste of our region can not leave anyone indifferent!
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