Tula Harmonic Factory-Museum

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    The museum at the Tula Harmonica factory is one more popular tourist destination. For its two centuries' history, the long-lived and sonorous Tula harmonicas have become one of the symbols of Russia having received a well-deserved recognition throughout the world. The enterprise continues traditions, dating back to the times when the first harmonicas appeared in Russia. After all, the domestic production of harmonicas began in Tula. The very first samples of hand harmonicas in their workshop were made by Tula masters – the Shkunayev brothers in 1808-1820. Today, the "Tula Harmonica" is not only the production of instruments. The company sees one of the strategic directions sees in the preservation and development of cultural traditions of Russia one of which is the art of playing on reed instruments. The company sponsors music festivals and competitions, establishes prizes for the winners, works on targeted support of young talents in the field of playing accordion and harmonica. Cooperation with the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, Moscow State Institute of Music named after A. G. Schnittke, the Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory and teachers of music schools in the regions allows stimulating interest in learning bayan (chromatic accordion), accordion and harmonica classes. In order to preserve, revive and develop folk art crafts as part of the cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, "Tula Harmonica" regularly participates in specialized exhibitions, including the interregional specialized exhibition of folk arts and crafts "Tul'skiy Levsha" and the All-Russia Exhibition of Folk Art Crafts "Ladya". At the moment, "Tula Harmonica" consists of the three production workshops, as well as of an exhibition hall and a museum. There you can play music and get acquainted with samples of instruments. The oldest exhibit in the exposition is a harmonica of the late 19th century. The excursion will not only show the exposition of the museum, but also tell about the contribution of the Tula inhabitants to the musical work, including Nikolay Beloborodov, the creator of the chromatic harmonica. Anyone who wishes to attend such a tour may be included in an organized group (but not individually). Official website is
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    3 5th Krivolyuchenskaya St., Tula
    +7 (4872) 25 22 11, +7 (4872) 40 66 86, +7 (920) 779 50 50
    Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00.
3 5th Krivolyuchenskaya St., Tula
+7 (4872) 25 22 11, +7 (4872) 40 66 86, +7 (920) 779 50 50
Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00.
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