Municipal establishment of culture "Centre (club) Culture and Leisure"

Municipal establishment of culture "Centre (club) Culture and Leisure" фото 1
The story of the Palace of Culture began as early as 1953. On August, 17 its grand opening was held. Soon about 400 people started to take part in 10 courses. New creative groups started to appear. In 2001 the Palace became a municipal institution of culture Leisure Center. Today there are 64 club formations in the Leisure Center. The history of institution: 17 August 1953 was the opening of Palace of Culture “Metallurg”. From 2000 Palace of Culture “Metallurg” became a municipal institution of culture “Leisure Center (club)”. In a short time the team became close-knit, theatre performances were renewed, repairs of the rooms were organized with the money earned by performing clubs. The projects, realized by the institution: 1. City outdoor festival of theatrical performances “Children’s Seasons”, a project of children’s theatrical performances in order to associate them with theatrical culture, dramaturgy, literature, music, choreography; to develop children’s creativity. 2. “It’s your destiny and mine to serve Russia”, a project of the military-patriotic club “Typhoon”, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Second World War and aimed at patriotic education of children and teenagers, training military skills, understanding of duty to serve Russia. 3. Youth musical and literary festival “Tula Pesnevar” – a project of the musical and literary studio “Vega”, aimed to support the development and promotion of bard (author’s) song, creative communication of poets, authors, performers and musicians. 4. Feast of Russian culture “ We Gather Fiends Together” – a project of the folk ensemble “Varen’ka”, aimed to save traditions of folk culture, promotion and development of folklore. 5. Tula Creative Trolleybus “Saturday Snail” – a project of the musical-literary studio “Vega” aimed to develop an interest and to acquaint the population of Tula with the creative works and performing skills of young poets and musicians.
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22 Metallurgov St., Tula, Tula Region
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