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Proletarian Park in Tula

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    The Proletarian Park of Culture and Recreation is the third park, which is a part of the Regional State Institution "Tula Parks." The park with an area of about 33 hectares in the Proletarsky District was founded due to the decision of the Tula City Council of People's Deputies No.27-854 dated 25 December 1978. The initial purpose of its creation was to conduct cultural and leisure activities and the organization of active outdoor recreation of the population. The park is located along Kutuzov Street, founded based on the existing birch planting of the late 50s of the 20th century. The vegetation of the park is rich and diverse. The predominant species is birch, there is also linden, maple, and poplar. The Proletarian Park is the only green area for residents of the North-Eastern District, this area is sanitary-protective, natural-scientific, and recreational value. Since 1996, the park is a monument of nature, specially protected natural territory. Despite the fact that the park of the Proletarsky District is considered one of the youngest in Tula, 35 years old, it became a favorite recreation spot for local residents. The Proletarian Park of Culture and Recreation is a great place to walks in the fresh air, communication with nature and own self. In its territory, one may not only walk in the shade of dense avenues but also participate in outdoor activities. For this purpose, the base of sports equipment rental is organized in the park. Every visitor to the park can try its hand at the shooting range. For younger visitors to the park, there is a trampoline. A health trail runs through the park. There is a playground for children. In summer, the "Summer Reading Area" is always open to visitors.

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    Kutuzov Street and Sofya Kovalevskaya Street Intersection, Tula
    +7 (4872) 55-32-94
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Kutuzov Street and Sofya Kovalevskaya Street Intersection, Tula
+7 (4872) 55-32-94
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