Proletarian Park in Tula

The city of Tula enjoys an undeniable and huge success. Many of our guests, who come to us once again, stay in hotels. However, there are so many travelers recently that there may not be enough rooms in downtown.

This is not a problem at all! Whether you are on a business trip or came to Tula with your family, or maybe once in the youth, you wanted to visit all the sights of the Pryanik Capital of the world but you managed to escape from routine only now…

In any case, you may choose a suitable comfortable hotel in any area of the city, taking into account the fact that even from the outskirts to the center, you will be easily able to get in just 15 minutes. Especially, if you are staying in the Proletarian District of Tula. "Loft," "Zvezdny," "Metallurg," "Morgan," and many other delightful places of accommodation are at your service. These hotels are open to you day and night!

Transport runs regularly here, fixed-route taxis, buses, and trams… It is possible to talk about all the advantages of this district more and more but one of its pearls deserves special attention.

The large, green, and quiet Proletarian Park of Culture and Recreation in Tula is a place created for you!

While on a business trip or visiting relatives, you may want to relax in silence, enjoying walks along narrow paths between trees or along cozy avenues. The Proletarsky Park in Tula will help you with this like no other!

Take a commemorative photo here! On benches by a quiet pond or at the entrance to this green island of serenity. Let a piece of your memories stay with you for years!

The Proletarsky Park in Tula is suitable both for a quiet family walk in the evening and for sports in the morning!

The children's playground with exercise equipment, slides, and swings will not get your child bored! You may also rent bicycles, roller skates, or scooters nearby! Do you know how kids love it? Jumping on a trampoline, shooting at a shooting range, winning a toy, and feeding funny ducks… This seems to please either the youngest tourists or to you! Really?

The Proletarsky Park is at your service! For free and 24/7!

Imagine how well you spent your time in the wonderful Aida Restaurant, located next to the address 131 Kutuzov Str.! You go outside and the evening wind brings coolness. The Proletarsky Park is quite close! Take a walk!

The paths are wonderfully lit and everything is clean and comfortable.

Go down to the pond. Do you feel good?

Well, the Proletarian Park, though at a distance, already attracts you. Come visit it as soon as possible!
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Kutuzov Street and Sofya Kovalevskaya Street Intersection, Tula
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