St. Nicholas Church in Efremov

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Yefremov is a wonderful city of Krasivomechye! Here the rich spiritual life is intertwined with the history of famous writers: Bunin, Griboyedov, and Paustovsky.

Churches were actively built in Yefremov before the revolution. In 1870, a religious school was built here!

It is known that this blessed city had the Church of St. Nicholas in its borders back in 1783 but the exact date of construction is unknown! Throughout its entire history, the church has changed its address.

More detailed information about the Church of St. Nicholas in Tula is stored in the Diocesan Directorate. However, we know that the wooden church was moved to another place and became stone one, and where it had been, a merchant's house was built ut with a memorial kiot and an icon in the wall. This brick church stood until 1832. Since it could no longer accommodate the required number of parishioners, it was again rebuilt into a more spacious one and in 1893, it was renovated. The Church in Yefremov is not like the Church of St. Nicholas in Tula.

In 1936, the Bolsheviks put an end to the life of the sacred place, leaving nothing after it!

Only in 2009, the Church of St. Nicholas in Yefremov obtained a new life, it was rebuilt due to the efforts of Archimandrite Herman and consecrated. A memorial stele was erected in the old place. Now, the church invites all guests of the city to put candles and make commemorative pictures!
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Komsomolskaya St., Efremov, Tula Region
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