Komsomolsky Square

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    At the very end of the 19th century, a square was arranged on the upper trade area. In 1920, the Yefremov District Executive Committee allowed Communists and Komsomol members to be buried in the square according to the new Soviet rites. First, it was called Pervomaisky, later Komsomolsky.  The symbol of the heroism of Soviet soldiers in the Komsomolsky Square became a Soviet soldier standing on a pedestal and a soldier's mother, who bowed her head on the shoulder of her hero son. The monument was opened on 8 May 1971. Since then, the Eternal Flame of Glory has been burning at the grave of Soviet soldiers. Recently, a monument to Yefremov's heroes of the Soviet Union was erected in the Komsomolsky Square. Inhabitants of the city honor the memory of those who fought for the city of Yefremov and gave their lives for their Homeland, for the land of Yefremov, during the Great Patriotic War. Not so long ago, a monument to soldiers who died in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and other hot spots was erected in the Komsomolsk Square on the initiative of the combat veteran organization "Plamya."

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    43 Sverdlov St., Efremov, Tula Region
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43 Sverdlov St., Efremov, Tula Region

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