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Ivan Bunin’s House Museum — Bogoroditsk — Yepifan – Sebino

Тип маршрута: Культурно-познавательный туризм, Религиозный туризм
Перемещение: Автомобиль, Автобус
For everyone
2 days
4 objects
227 км
Sightseeing program in the memorial complex in the village Monastyrshchino (duration 1.5 hours) The Museum of the Kulikovo Battle is the only museum of medieval battle in Russia that meets the contemporary level of development of historical science and museum business. The exposition "The great beginning of Russia" presents a rich collection of medieval armor and weapons: unique findings from the battlefield (arrowheads and spears, crosses, armor fragments) and historical reconstructions of armor of Russian and Golden Horde warriors. Sightseeing program in the memorial on the Red Kulikovo Hill (duration 45 minutes) The Red Hill is the place that Mamai chose for the camp during the Kulikovo Battle: the battlefield is clearly visible from the site. The memorial museum complex on the Red Hill is the oldest memorial dedicated to the Kulikovo Battle. The memorial on the Red Hill of the Kulikovo field includes the oldest monument of Russia's military glory - the monument-column to Dmitry Donskoy and the memorial temple of St. Sergey Radonezhskiy. Sightseeing program in the museum complex "Field of the Kulikovo Battle" (duration 1.5 hours) The new museum complex "Field of the Kulikovo Battle," the opening of which is planned in 2015-2016, is located in close proximity to the battlefield. The new museum is a new life of the memorable place, the battlefield of 1380. The complex will be equipped with a new modern infrastructure, a viewing platform and extensive exposition and exhibition halls, where the visitor can get acquainted with a unique collection of relics - genuine findings from the battlefield.
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Day 1
The I.A. Bunin House-Museum
The I.A. Bunin House-Museum
47 Turgenev St., Yefremov, Tula Region
+7 (48741) 6-64-44
Bogoroditsk Palace Museum and Park
Bogoroditsky Park and Museum, Bogoroditsk, Bogoroditsky District, Tula Region
Day 2
Museum of merchant life
Museum of merchant life
8 Kimovskaya St., Epifan, Kimovsky District, Tula Region
Museum of Matrona of Sebino-Moscow
Sebino, Kimovsky District, Tula Region
+7-960-601-50-65, +7-962-276-84-22

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