Let's Open Tula Again!

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What do you associate Tula with?

Let me guess: pryaniks, weapons, samovars!

Surely, it is true but pryaniks are far not the only thing we are ready to surprise our guests with.

Everyone's Friday is different but it's usually pretty monotonous from week to week.

If you suddenly want something new, then you should definitely take your whole family or friends after work and go to the Yasno Pole Ecopark.

Then, a life hack: if you want to keep the suspension of your car intact, then it is recommended to drive to the Yasno Pole Ecopark through the M4 Don highway and turn towards Ivankovo at the exit.

After Ivankovo, seek for a sign pointing to Velezhevo and turn right immediately after it.

It is better to plan your vacation in Yasno Pole in advance and to tell the park administrator about all your wishes (8-905-741-97-20).

Procedures and activities for an unforgettable experience are more than enough here.

Visit a bathhouse?


Only 1,400 rubles per hour will allow you to be steamed using birch firewood. In addition, you will be provided with bath besom (of oak, birch, or eucalyptus), essential oils to taste, ice water to douche, and a healing tea with honey in a room with a fireplace.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of communication between a city resident and nature.

Especially for this purpose, tours to a horse yard and a farm are conducted in the territory of the Ecopark.

Employees of the Yasno Pole Ecopark are very sensitive to the inhabitants of these places that every single representative of the fauna here will definitely take the opportunity to approach to be caressed.

Moreover, you will visit the cheese production.

An unforgettable experience costs only 300 rubles.

Another feature of Yasno Pole is apitherapy.

2,000 rubles per night and 400 rubles per hour cost the opportunity to calm the nervous system with the buzzing of bees and the smell of propolis.

Don't be afraid that the inhabitants of apihouse will attack you, the hives are fenced off with a reliable mesh.

In winter, the Ecopark offers tubing, ice skating and skiing.

Believe me, five hundred hectares of the territory is more than enough to unleash winter fun.

There are a dining room and a restaurant in the territory of the Ecopark, where you will have a delicious time.

A special pride of Yasno Pole is an area to accommodate guests.

Either economical glamping for the summer season starting from 2,000 rubles per day or rooms in the Ark House starting from 1,600 rubles per day, or two-story rooms in the hotel-greenhouse starting from 3,700 rubles per day, or incomparable, spacious guest houses from 12,700 rubles per day, where one may settle with a large crowd.

In the morning (9:00-10:00), as soon as you realize that you were born again, start to get ready to travel because the sea of Tula impressions is quite large, while you only got your feet wet!

The next point of the adventure is the Citadel country club in the Rozhdestvensky Settlement, where hunting enthusiasts may eagerly shoot with smooth-bore and air guns starting from 1,350 rubles.

More peaceful guests who want to spend an active time may literally "hang out" in the rope park, which has several levels of difficulty (400 rubles per level), or may test their dexterity on a high climbing wall (300 rubles).

Especially breathtaking is the descent via the two-hundred-meter trolley.

You won't ever forget the click of the carbine, the commands to the instructor on the radio, the speed acceleration and the whistling of the wind in your ears.

After active activities, let's go to a cafe for lunch.

The prices are quite affordable.

After the substantial lunch, we will walk a little more against the background of the rocky landscape of the Citadel and set off again.

A life hack: it is best to get from Yasno Pole to the Citadel on the M-2 highway, which you need to get to via Ivankovo, Spitsinsky and Yasnogorsk.

Of course, it is considered bad manners to leave Tula without pryaniks, which means we should go buy them at the very pryanik factory "Honey Secrets."

A life hack: in order not to find yourself at the closed doors of the factory, first call 8-950-912-89-14 and make an appointment.

The time should be calculated as follows: if you leave Yasno Pole at 9:00, then you will arrive at the Citadel at 10:15; we leave for Tula at 12:45 and arrive at the factory at 13:30.

Try not to get late!

Only here, you can make an AUTHENTIC TULA PRYANIK and take it with you for only 500 rubles.

In addition to a masterclass on making the famous Tula delicacy, you will enjoy a pleasant tea party and an informative story about the local gastronomic craft.

A life hack: before the trip, free up space in your car as much as possible because the experience tells us that the trunk will be filled with pryaniks to the brim.

After a real Tula tea party, let's go to taste spiritual meals in the Tula Museum of Fine Arts.

You will probably think, "Where could regional centers get masterpieces of art?

Is it worth going there at all because we have already seen everything in the Tretyakov Gallery?"

I can't speak for other cities in Russia but there are enough masterpieces of art in the Tula Museum of Fine Arts.

If you have not skipped the lessons on World Art, then you definitely heard about the paintings of Kustodiev, Polenov, Leandro Bassano, Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Serov, Kandinsky, Malevich, Giordano, Fetti, etc.

The rooms of the Tula Museum of Fine Arts will allow you to see the original pieces of art for only 280 rubles, including the services of a guide.

Tula is an industrial workshop city in Russia.

It is for this reason that the Museum of the Machine could not but appear here, in the Octave industrial cluster.

I'll say like… If you are far from technology, industry, factories, etc., then you will definitely like the Museum of the Machine.

Yes, that's right!

The atmosphere will amaze you. And if you are a humanitarian, then there is a high probability for you to become a true technician after an interactive tour.

If you don't believe me, read the reviews on the Internet.

Our guests are the best experts and you can join them for only 350 rubles.

In any case, we have included the Museum of the Machine in this introductory route.

A life hack: didn't have time to buy souvenirs?

It doesn't matter!

A Reception Center for Guests of Tula Region is on your route. There, you will be provided with comprehensive information about our region.

You may also buy regional souvenirs there.

The tourist information center is located at 1A Demonstratsyy St.

Dinner in the historical center, the Iskra urban space, will be the final stage of the visit to the City of Masters.

Over dinner, you may relax in a cozy atmosphere, discussing all the impressions of the day.

We hope that you will return to us again because this small route is actually just the tip of the iceberg.

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