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Filimonovskaya Toy Museum

Tula Region, Odoyevsky district, Odoyev, Silverstov street, 11
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  • Description
    For a long time there have been no vociferous peasant markets, where inhabitants of Filimonovo could present their & quot; wonderful entertainment & quot ;. Now the toy is considered an independent genre of art. It went through a long and complicated journey from a myth or fairy-tale object to a child's plaything. Today you can see toys at art exhibitions, on display at local history museums and museums of folk art. There are collections of Filimonovo toys in the world-famous Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, in the Toy Museum in Sergiev Posad. The toys are traditionally welcome guests at the fairs and festivals of arts and crafts. The Filimonovo toy has been welcomed enthusiastically in Paris, Montreal, Tokyo, Malaysia. However, the famous toy has had no personal museum so far. The modern molded whistle has become brighter, more elegant, larger in size (up to 20 centimeters in height). But it continues the traditions of the old master-craftsmen. Complex group compositions and everyday scenes of village life have appeared along with traditional ladies, horsemen, animals. “Christmas” and "Fair". stand out by their unique color and intricacy. Romanov, Sudjan, Khludnev, Voronezh, Kozhlyansk, Skopinsk toys and even copies of the Greek toy 1400 & ndash; 1100 years. BC. E. are displayed in the Museum to build the background of the art of Russian toys. The museum has unique rare photos and archival materials about the life and work of masters of the past and present. The exhibitions in the museum are successfully supplemented by authentic objects of the peasant household. You can see not only ready-made toys in the museum, you can also observe the process of their creation, and you can try to make it yourself. Take a lump of soft blue clay in your hands and you will feel its energy. Listen to its inner voice and breathe life into it, creating a horse, a duck or a rooster. We invite everyone who is interested in local history and culture to plunge into the wonderful world of folk art!
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    Tula Region, Odoyevsky district, Odoyev, Silverstov street, 11
    +7 (48736) 4-17-24, +7 (910) 151-07-70
    Wedеда - воскресенье 10-00 - 17-00 часов, выходные дни: понедельник, Tueорник
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