The Filimonovskaya Toy Museum

The Filimonovskaya Toy Museum in Odoyev is dedicated not only to the ancient local craft, but also to other similarly themed products collected from all over Russia. Over 3,000 exhibits are available for city guests to enjoy. The main part of the exposition is devoted to the Filimonovskaya toy, which has existed for more than a thousand years without significant changes.

The toy owes its name to the village of Filimonovo, where locals found clay with unusual properties. In its raw form, the clay is dark blue, but it turns white when drawn. The sculpted and painted figurines are made for sale, and the most unusual items end up in the Filimonovskaya Toy Museum. The products made by local craftswomen in the 19th century became famous across Russia, because you can't help but smile when looking at those funny toys.

The Filimonovskaya Toy Museum in Odoyev is located in the heart of the city. You can visit the old Odoevskoye settlement, the Museum of Local Lore, the monument to Kuzma's mother, and the Anastasov monastery nearby. In addition, ancient forests have been preserved near the city - they are part of a large fortification line that crosses Tula Region from west to east.

The Filimonovskaya Toy Museum invites its guests to take part in a workshop on how to make and paint the legendary figurines. Both children and adults will learn the techniques of making a toy, its features, and the major toy types. Guests of the Filimonovskaya Toy Museum in Odoyev, Tula Region, can master the principles of combining primary colors and methods of applying paint. Once your toy is ready, you can bring it with you. The photo taken at the workshop will become a source of pleasant memories from Odoev. The cost of toy modeling and painting is quite affordable, especially if compared with the impressions you will get.

Every two years, the city hosts a festival dedicated to the local toy, Tales of Grandfather Filimon. Competitions, special museum offers, exhibitions, toy modeling contests, and positive emotions are what makes the festival special every time.

If you want to visit our museum, find out more about the workshops, order a group tour, or look through the price list, please call 8 (910) 151-07-70. We are waiting for guests Wednesday to Sunday at K. Marksa St., 52.

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150 — 250 ₽
11 Silverstov St., Odoyev, Odoyevsky District, Tula Region
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Wed-Sun 10:00-17:00
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Светлана 25 October 2022
милый, уютный музей.
берите комплексный билет в три отделения: музей кружева, музей советской игрушки, музей Филимоновской игрушки.
сотрудники очень любят свой музей.
Анна 04 April 2021
Яркие и красочные экспонаты очень понравились детям. Экскурсия познавательная, здесь рассказывают не только о филимоновских игрушках, но и про тульские, яснополянские, дымковские. Можно купить сувениры, их очень много, и все они сделаны вручную!