Municipal Budget Institution of Culture "Odoyev - The Museum City"

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Before the revolution, the museum building belonged to the merchant Kashirin.

The basement of the building hosted a bakery where fresh buns and rolls were baked.

There was a large garden behind the house. Later, for a long time, the Odoyev branch of the State Bank was located in the house.

During the occupation of Odoyev from 28.11.1941 to 22.12.1941, it was the barracks of German soldiers of the local garrison.

Since 1980, the Odoyev Museum of Local Lore has been opened in the building (renamed to Odoyev - The Museum City since October 2016).

For decades, the Odoyev Museum of Local Lore has been a meeting place for interesting people and a starting point for many creative endeavors.

Local poets gather within its walls. November 11 marked the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Literary Association "Rodnik," the first organizational meeting of which was held in the museum.

"Odoyev Museum, a muse collection,

Unites all kinds of population"

The staff of the Odoyev Museum of Local Lore now provides methodological assistance to school museums, organizes and conducts Odoyev Local Lore readings, conferences of school local lore works, develops presentations, and holds competitions in urban orientation and creative evenings.

The display in 6 exhibition rooms of the Odoyev Museum of Local Lore reflects the history of the Odoyev region from the Stone age to the contemporary period: the Fortress City, the Battle of Kulikovo, the history of Zasechnaya Cherta, Odoyev - the city of merchants.

Here one may see the churches of Odoyev, which have not survived to our times.

To this day, the Museum of Local Lore is a keeper of our history of different times, of our Odoyev region, which is small on the scale of Russia but very beloved everywhere.

The Odoyev Museum of Local Lore has its own character, its own style.

When you visit it, you will immediately feel the spirit of the times.

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35A Karl Marx Str., Odoyev, Tula Region
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Mon-Thu 08:00-18:00, Fri 08:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-16:00
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Степан 11 November 2021
Советую всем, очень хорошая экспозиция. Интересно очень, интересные рассказы об Одоеве и людях Одоева. Обязательно посетите, не пожалеете!