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    A two-story building with a vertical three-story semi-cylinder between the narrow sides is the house of the City Administration built in the early 19th century.

    Most of it was occupied by the police and the judiciary.

    In the second half of the 19th century, the North-Eastern corner of the building was raised by a massive brick watchtower with an observation deck at the top of it, where a watchman was constantly on duty and beat the alarm in the case of fire.

    A rectangular gate led to the yard in front of the watchtower. Upon the watchman's signal, a fire wagon (a cart with a hand pump and several barrels of water) departured from this gate.

    After the revolution, various institutions were located in the building, the district department of the NKVD in the 30s and the German commandant's office during the occupation.

    Currently, it is the House of Children's Creative Activities, which is known to the older generation as the House of Pioneers.

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    35 Karl Marx Str., Odoyev, Tula Region
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35 Karl Marx Str., Odoyev, Tula Region

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